How Fitness Improves Your Sex Life

Pat James
4 min readJun 27, 2020

Fitness And Your Sex Life

We all know fitness is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body. But many don’t realize the impact it can have on other aspects of our lives.

Surprisingly, physical health often has a substantial effect on overall sexual health and intimacy.

A fit body is a healthy body, one we need to perform and enjoy any sexual experience adequately. If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or weakness, you won’t be able to entirely focus on the moment or even physically engage in sex.

From improved performance to increased libido to heightened physical ability, here are the specific ways that athletic experience can boost your sex life and overall pleasure.

1. Boosted Performance

A fit body and mind can have a massive, positive impact on your self-confidence and stress levels, which in turn, can improve your performance in the bedroom.

When you feel comfortable, you can focus more on intimacy and experience fuller pleasure than if your mind is busy worrying about the way you look.

On top of that, poor fitness, and the health and confidence issues that typically accompany it can cause common sexual dysfunctions, especially those in men like erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety.

Higher weight can lower testosterone levels and inhibit blood flow, two concerns that have connected with an increased likelihood of erectile issues.

These dysfunctions can interrupt you or your partner’s ability to perform at all and positively affect overall feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction.

What You Can Do

If you struggle with high body weight or self-esteem issues that affect your sexual performance, be proactive. There are plenty of ways to improve your experience.

Along with maintaining a consistent workout routine and a healthy diet, working to improve your self-esteem through counseling can vastly lift your performance.

Balance this with any doctor recommendations for appropriate sexual dysfunction treatments, like the prescription medication sildenafil for ED, or sex therapy for performance anxiety.

Taking these proactive steps will help you maintain a healthy sex life and stay motivated to enjoy an improved fitness level.

2. Strength and flexibility help with sex positions.

If you practice yoga regularly, chances are you’re more flexible than most. This is a good thing if you want to try different positions in the bedroom that are more…acrobatic. When it comes to simply have the body strength to hold certain sexual moves, toned muscles come in handy. Plus, Dr. Penhollow says that strength-training exercises such as weightlifting have been shown to increase libido. Win-win.

3. Working out makes you feel sexy.

You know that feeling when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the gym mirror and think, “Damn, I look good!”

Well, that confidence comes with you to the bedroom. Exercising on a consistent basis helps improve self-esteem. When we personally like how our bodies look, we’re more likely to want to show them off to our partners.

“Being active leads to a more positive body image,” Dr. Penhollow explains. “This can raise self-esteem and make people feel more sexy, confident, and attractive and thus more likely to engage in sexual activities.”

This self-confidence boost comes at any size. If you’re moving your body regularly, you’re on the right track.

4. Go for Longer (Increased Stamina)

Like your overall performance, the duration of your sexual experience is often a significant aspect of general sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. Higher fitness levels mean better endurance and blood flow, which in turn means an improved ability to engage in intimate activities for a more extended time.

A more fit body that regularly engages in cardio activities is able to perform for longer without tiring.

Additionally, when you don’t exercise your muscles, they can atrophy from neglect– including your pelvic floor. Your pelvic muscles can weaken to where you are unable to control your orgasm or sexual stamina. This weakening can lead to a faster orgasm than you or your partner would prefer, and can severely interrupt the moment.

What You Can Do

For a longer sexual duration, be sure to combine regular workouts with a healthy lifestyle. A diet rich in omega-3s and lean proteins, often consisting of fish, greek yogurt and nuts can go long ways in muscular development and the balancing of your sex hormones.

5. Increased Sex Drive

Higher fitness levels can also boost libido, particularly in women. Women who exercise regularly report higher sexual interest and satisfaction than women who do not have consistent workout routines.

The blood flow and hormone levels that accompany a healthy heart rate and body weight kickstart natural sexual responses like lubrication and increased sensation to reproductive systems.

Better fitness levels help aid the body’s innate response to sexual stimuli and improve your experience in the bedroom.

What You Can Do

Workouts based on cardio are specifically beneficial for an increased sex drive. If you’re experiencing difficulty with your natural libido, try incorporating a few days of jogging, dancing or cycling into your weekly workout routine.

These, paired with a personal lubricant and diet rich in hormone-balancing foods like maca root or pistachio nuts can lead to healthier libido and attitude toward sex.

Things to Remember

While exercise affects your sex life positively, too much can have diminishing returns, Dr. Penhollow says. If an individual is too physically exhausted, generally overworked, or stressed, they may not be able to sexually perform at an optimal level.

Plus, how exercise affects your sex life also depends on your age and physical condition.

Sticking to a regimented exercise program has the greatest long-term benefits to one’s sex life because just like any other form of physical activity, consistency is key.



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